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Brain Focus and Succeeding



You want to get these positive short phrases or mantras purposefully into the conscious and subconscious areas of the brain by intentionally noticing, deciding and  emphasizing them in a musical way.


This is not about writing a song, concerto or symphony. It's about deciding what would be really good for you to be thinking, to create the best possible life for you. Your thoughts create reality. 


Simple and short is better for this.  For instance, if you find yourself full of doubt, just go to the music of the I am OK mantra.  Just the notes you've sung in your own mind over and over can change the direction of your thinking. Your thinking will set the stage for your mood and your happiness.  You'll want to go over the mantra(s) in your own mind, a number of times, several times a day, and change them up when you want to. 


Choose your thinking,
make your world.







(c) Copyright 2014

Here is my brother, Gary Vannice, using

Musical Thinking to focus the brain.

"I can think clearly "

"My brain makes good decisions "

"Neurons and synapses work for me "

In Musical Thinking, neurons and synapses work the same way, whether you sing it out loud, or

sing it silently in your own mind. Either way brings you success.

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