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How to do it


Here are some examples of thoughts you could choose to be thinking to yourself in a musical mantra, or you may already have a positive thought of what you'd like to be thinking.

I am OK

I am free to be me

I can make things happen

I will survive

I can do it my very best

I can get calmer right now

I am a capable person

I am a worthwhile person

I am just as important as anbody else in the world

I can choose

I am a deserving person

I have the right to make a mistake

I can do it

I am just as worthy as anyone else in the world

I am a beautiful person

I am an intelligent person

I have energy for this task

I choose to do this

I deserve good things


"I trust myself, my feelings

            and my thinking"

"I can do it, yes I can"

"I am free to be me"

"I can get calmer right now"

I choose to be happy

"I can make things happen"

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